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March 27, 2012
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Skin. Metro confluence XBMC by MetroUI Skin. Metro confluence XBMC by MetroUI
1 Backup C: Program Files XBMC addons skin.confluence
2 Rename skin.confluence to skin.confluence1
3 Extract my .RAR file to C: Program Files XBMC addons skin.confluence
4 Have a FUN!

P.S Comments are welcome!
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hi, i was wondering if you could tell me how to change the color of the unfocused text (currently grey) in the various list views (videos, music, etc.). i changed the wallpapers to 1 color walls and in some of them, they get washed out in that grey color. i want to change them to black.
i'm searching all over through these xml files, but i can't seem to find this.
great skin, thanks a lot.
MetroUI Dec 22, 2012  Student Interface Designer
I don't know, try to search on internet ;)
DaBestFox Aug 3, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awesome work!
i can't use this skin for xbmc,
first the skin is work, but if i click something, this skin is gonna dark and i can't do anything,, what happend with my xbmc,,

sorry for my bad engllish
MetroUI Jun 14, 2012  Student Interface Designer
I use XBMC eden maybe you use an old version
ok solved,,
i have install a new version and it is work,, thanks,,
The theme is very cool, but I don't like going trough categories just to see a movie. I wish I could view every movie in a single list, as I clicked in the Movies menu. The same applies to TV Shows.
ugly watermark if u want i can remove it and post a link, bing always stamps a stupid watermark on their images. Not trying to circumvent the artists btw its just that if this is being used for private use most users would not want an ugly logo on their wallpaper

Remove the gradient and text and this skin is a winner
MetroUI Apr 2, 2012  Student Interface Designer
You can delete it with Photoshop content aware ^^
nice i just have one complaint the gradient you have on the bottom looks kinda ugly and is really wide the one with the words xbmc, could u remove it as i'd prefer the full size image without the ugly looking wide gradient and text; otherwise good work
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